Are you an Entrepreneur or small business burdened by the complexities of our legal system?

Every business revolves around the core virtues of vision, integrity and determination, as well as relying upon the quality of the services they provide. An often overlooked part of owning and operating a business is the legal aspect. Planning your business requires a comprehensive understanding of the legal issues that may arise during the course of doing business.

Whether you are seeking guidance in starting your business or you are ready to take the next step and expand to new avenues, our priority is to give you and your business the best legal protection possible.

The Law Offices of Brian Flieg, LLC makes legal services more approachable and affordable, all for the success of our clients.

0 Million
small business lawsuits surface each year in the US Court system.
0 Percent
of small businesses fail after the third year of operation.

What is involved in Business Law?

When confronted with the task of assessing the needs of a small business, many business owners can find themselves overwhelmed with the sheer volume of data that there is available to draw from. We have streamlined these complex issues into the following services we provide:

    There are many different ways to set up your company – find out which one is right for you. Each choice has tax consequences so getting this right is crucial to your tax bill down the road.
    – To appoint managers, directors and make certain types of decisions, you must have these documents.
    – who takes over the aspects of running your business when you can no longer do so?
    – the creation of airtight agreements, as well as having those documents periodically reviewed and updated based on any changes that may have occurred in the law.
    – If you provide a service to a customer, this agreement tells the customer about warranties and any recourse they may have. Make sure you get paid when you finish your work and don’t lose your shirt if something goes wrong
    – (OFFER LETTER, CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT, NON-COMPETE, TERMINATION, RELEASE AGREEMENTS) Do you need to hire/fire an employee? You’ll need one of these forms to define the working relationship, avoid legal trouble and to protect your business secrets.

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Flieg Law
We contacted Brian Flieg because we had a state tax controversy on a business account. He was very knowledgeable about how to handle the problem and he knew the people to contact. He resolved the issue for us in a timely and positive manner and we were very happy with the outcome. Brian handled our problem as a professional and it was easy to communicate with him.

Flieg Law Office

One of the most important aspects of running a business is understanding tax law, which is why Brian is an expert on the subject. He can provide services for:

  • Back-taxes
  • Tax Legislation
  • Income Tax
  • Tax Law and Process

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